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Buttstock Patterns Available - Ballard Rifles Made by Marlin

These patterns will also fit current-production Ballards from the Ballard Rifle Company in Cody, WY.

Prices are for machining only and do not include wood.


ballard12345.JPG (14882 bytes) #1-5: Straight grip, rifle plate


ballard montana.JPG (48476 bytes) Montana: Straight grip, Winchester M70 plate 75
ballard7.JPG (16674 bytes) #7 - Long Range: Pistol grip, shotgun plate 80
ballard sptg rp.JPG (47381 bytes) Sporting: Pistol grip, no cheekpiece, rifle plate 80
Ballardsptg.jpg (17935 bytes) Shelhammer Sporting: Pistol grip, no cheekpiece, Niedner plate 80
Ballard8910.jpg (8478 bytes) #8,9,10 - Union Hill: Pistol grip, cheekpiece, swiss plate 85
ballard51.JPG (8082 bytes) Stevens 51 Style: Straight grip, cheekpiece, Stevens #3 plate 80
schoyen1.jpg (17384 bytes) *Schoyen #1 - Pistol grip, cheekpiece, extreme style Schoyen plate for pistol grip frame only 95
HalSchoyCheek2.jpg (49964 bytes) *Schoyen #2 - Straight grip for pistol grip frame, cheekpiece, excellent offhand stock with lots of drop, cheekpiece is dished 90
BallardSch2A.JPG (649455 bytes) *Schoyen #2A - Schuetzen stock for straight grip frame, cheekpiece not dished, excellent offhand stock in classic style 90
ballardsch2al.JPG (42110 bytes) *Schoyen #2AL - Same as above, but left hand 90
ballardstevenspopencp.jpg (9084 bytes) Pope - Pistol grip, no cheekpiece, Pope plate, copy of Stevens Pope Ballard original 85
*Pope High Comb - Pistol grip, bore height cheekpiece, pistol grip, Pope plate 95
ballardbr.JPG (43183 bytes) Bench Rest - Straight grip, no cheekpiece, high straight comb, no plate 80
ballardearly.JPG (49896 bytes) Early Schuetzen: Straight grip, cheekpiece, Ballard Early Schuetzen buttplate 80

  *These patterns require oversize wood (more than 2 " thick)