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Other Buttstock Patterns Available

Prices are for machining only and do not include wood.


CPA 44 1/2 action - see Stevens
AydtL.JPG (38056 bytes) Aydt Schuetzen 105
browning.JPG (24165 bytes) Browning Highwall - suitable for the Browning 1885 Highwall, BPCR and Traditional Hunter 95
Miroku Winchester Highwall 95
ClerkeSptg.JPG (171666 bytes) Clerke Sporting 85
ClerkeSch.JPG (21702 bytes) Clerke  Schuetzen 90
FBWJBR_small.JPG (1207 bytes) Falling Block Works Model J Sporting 80
FBWJLate.JPG (22865 bytes) FBW Model J Late Schuetzen 90
FBWJSpecSSR_small.JPG (1141 bytes) FBW Model J Special Single Shot Rifle 85
FBWJ54.JPG (17952 bytes) FBW Model J Stevens Model 54 80
FBWKSptg.JPG (14256 bytes) FBW Model K Sporting 85
FBWKFAV.JPG (12814 bytes) FBW Model K Favorite 75
FBWKLad.JPG (17369 bytes) FBW Model K Ladies Model 85
FBWK044.JPG (25224 bytes) FBW Model K 044 1/2 75
FBWL.JPG (10420 bytes) FBW Model L 80
FBWS54.JPG (21672 bytes) FBW Model S 80
HochSchuetzen.JPG (18210 bytes) Hoch Schuetzen 95
HochSptg.JPG (29902 bytes) Hoch Sporting 85
peregrine.jpg (11956 bytes) Peregrine Schuetzen 90
Peregrine2.JPG (14182 bytes) Peregrine Sporting 85

As a rule we are not making any new patterns at this time. We already have more than 100 patterns in our collection, and those that we don't have are probably too low volume to justify the pattern cost. We will copy your stocks with a nominal set-up charge to mount them in our duplicator.