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The CPA palm rest is modeled on the original Stevens-Pope model often seen on Stevens rifles. Stevens palm rests came in many different styles, and this one is copied from the palm rest on a Stevens-Pope Model 49. The knob is held on by a flange attached to the collet tube assembly, allowing positive assembly, easy disassembly, and the boring of a hole to gain another one inch in height travel. The palm rest is completely machined and assembled, ready to install on your rifle. It comes with instructions for installation and finishing. The palm rest is available plated and blued or unfinished. On the finished version the palm rest base and link are carefully polished and nickel plated, not left as cast by cheap import copies. The round knob comes sanded with a sealer coat on the finished version.

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Round knob Schoyen knob

The knob pivots forward to clear the lever, and is adjustable for height and angle. The attaching hole locations are the same as for the most common Pope styles, and the attaching screws come through from the inside of the forearm, making a neat and simple installation. The link is pivoted on he base stud; angle adjustments are made by turning the screw in or out of the link. The screw hits the base and controls the angle. There is a collet which grips the screw shank. Loosening the collet allows the screw to slide in or out of the tube and flange assembly, varying the height of the knob. The wooden knob is attached to the flange with three wood screws. If you would like the wood to match an existing stock, please send the forearm; to match a new forearm, specify this on your order. I have hundreds of knobs available in many kinds of woods. There is no charge for matching. Palm rest dimensions


The palm rest base and link (which attach to the forearm) are available either case colored or nickel plated. The balance of the assembly is low luster blued.   The entire palm rest is made in the USA; This is not unfinished foreign junk!

Delivery & Pricing

Shipping is from stock.



Pope palm rest, round knob, wood unfinished $115
Pope palm rest, round knob, wood finished 135
Pope palm rest, Schoyen knob, wood unfinished 135
Pope palm rest, Schoyen knob, wood finished 175
Extra base & link assembly - nickel plated or case colored 55
Round knob only, unfinished 30
Schoyen knob only, unfinished 45
Palm rest installation (no charge for CPA rifles) 25*

*Installation of the palm rest on your rifle requires one week and does not include shipping. Specify location of palm rest center from rear of forearm.

Prices are not guaranteed and are subject to change without notice.