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General Information

This model is usually built to order as to stock style, caliber, barrel size, style and length. Actions for the Schuetzen rifles are supplied with either the ball and spur or Pope lever. Both are very suitable for offhand use, or bench shooting for that matter. While the four finger loop lever theoretically can be used, it is actually very unsuitable for offhand use since there is no place to locate the fingers when using an effective offhand position. Hammer spring tension can be varied using an adjusting screw in the lower tang. The Stevens action can be used to breech seat suitable bullets instead of using a mechanical breech seater. Only a case plugged with brass, or wood, is required. The action can easily be taken down for carrying or barrel switching. Only a screwdriver is required. Other barrels can be supplied, and rimfire/centerfire breechblocks are available. Another extractor may be required.

Available calibers include: .22 Short, .22 Long Rifle, .22-10 Maynard XLCF, .22 WCF (.22-13-45), .25 Hornet, .25-20 Single Shot, .25 WCF, .25-21, 28-30 Stevens, .30 WCF, .32-222R, .32 Miller Short, .32-40, .33-40, .357 MAX, 8.15X46R, .38-55, .40-60 Maynard, .40-65 Winchester and others.

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Generally, Douglas XX barrels are used, but Shilen lapped and air gaged barrels are available at a premium for .22, .25 and .32 only. Badger barrels are available for most common calibers. Douglas barrels are normally 28" long and Shilen up to 29" only. At extra cost, Douglas barrels are available up to 34" long. Barrel sizes available are #2 (1.00), #2 1/2 (1.03"), #3 (1 1/16"), #4 (1 1/8"), and #5 (1 3/16") in part octagon. In full octagon, only #3 and #4 are made. There is an extra charge for full octagon barrels, just as there was in 1902. Barrels are low luster blued, and have polished muzzles to show grease distribution. All barrels come drilled and tapped for either Unertl/Fecker/Lyman scope bases with the rear base near the frame, or for modified Weaver 63-B scope mount bases for use with internal adjustment scopes. Schuetzen rifles come with either standard scope bases or the Weaver style. A front sight slot can be provided at no extra charge for 3/8" or 7/16" sights. Front sights supplied by us can be fitted at no extra charge; there is a charge for fitting customer sights.

Stock Style

There are a variety of stocks available in this model. The best offhand stock is the high comb Pope Model, shown above with the   Pope buttplate. This offers good support for your face when using telescopic sights, and is copied from a typical original rifle. There is no question that this design adds points to your score and makes shooting easier. The basic design is a Stevens factory version of the radical Schoyen stocks in use after telescopes came into common use.   Another offhand style is the Model 52 Schuetzen Junior, shown below. This is also an iron sight pattern using the more open #4 Schuetzen plate. This plate is steel with Stevens case colors, duplicating the original. In addition, we offer a Schoyen style plate in case colored steel with either two prongs or a lower prong and no top prong. This plate is highly recommended for shooters with large arms, and is superior for use in rest shooting. Both the Pope High Comb and the Model 52 stocks are available in left hand style.If you plan on bench shooting only, we recommend the sporting stock which offers a much straighter style with shotgun plate. All stocks have a standard pull of about 13 1/4". At no charge, this length of pull can be altered 3/4" shorter or longer. Any LOP can be supplied on a custom basis. Customers are specifically cautioned about using long pull stocks, which are very undesirable for this style of shooting. All stock versions come with the standard factory forearm. If requested, a blank fitted forearm can be supplied. Wood used on these stocks is always figured walnut. More highly figured wood is available at advanced prices, but the standard grade is pleasing to most shooters.


For low comb stocks, original or reproduction tang and front sights can be used. The high comb stock requires a common sight line for both glass and iron sights. This is most effectively done by either using a tube sight or an adapter on the rear scope base that enables you to use a Redfield type rear sight or the Anschutz rear sight. The front sight adapters should be a detachable globe in both cases. Until suitable old style sights are available, these are the alternatives for iron sights on this stock. For telescope sights, it is recommended to use an external adjusting sight of the Lyman, Fecker, or Unertl style. These are readily available only used, as the only currently made external adjusting scopes on the market are the Parsons Targetspot and a few Unertls that are still being made. Internal adjusting scopes can be used as a last resort, but they are far from period looking and far more expensive than their actual value. If the barrel on a CPA rifle is to be removed or changed, it is a simple matter to remove a Lyman scope; if you have an internal adjustment scope, it takes longer to remove the scope and the mount base must also be removed.