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The Silhouette or Black Powder Cartridge Rifle (BPCR) has been approved for Black Powder Silhouette competition by the NRA. This model has either a sporting style stock with small cheekpiece (shown above) or Model 52 style (below) with more drop, and is available in either right or left hand style. Wood used for the stock is lightly figured Eastern American walnut finished with a closed pore finish, or unfinished but fitted. The buttplate is shotgun style to minimize recoil, and has the Stevens logo. The bottom of the pistol grip has the classic "S" shape on the bottom of the pistol grip. The action has either a loop or ball and spur (without wood insert) lever and double set triggers.

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Barrels for silhouette rifles are either Douglas or Badger. Calibers available include the .38-55, .38-56, .40-60 Maynard, .40-70 Sharps Straight, .40-65 Winchester, .45-70, .45-90, .45-100 with other calibers to be added as demand warrants. A popular option is an extra .22LR barrel for use in practice or in special matches. The standard barrel is a #4 part octagon style which is 30" long; longer barrels up to 34" long are available. A front sight slot is provided, as are tang sight holes. The barrel is also drilled and tapped for target scope bases to be used in testing loads; these holes can be omitted if desired. The rifle is made to the NRA weight restriction, and meets all applicable rules.


Sights are not included, but we can install them for you. A globe front sight can be fitted into the 3/8" slot provided on this model. This sight should be typical of the period as specified in NRA rule 3.4. Likewise, the rear sight must meet this rule, which does not permit the use of click adjustable windage or elevation. The rear (tang) sight is attached to the top tang with 5-40 screws which are factory standard, and the hole spacing is also factory standard. We stock sights from MVA, Mechanical Accuracy (Steve Baldwin) and a few others.


Plain S lever, ball and spur lever with wood insert, loop lever, straight lower tang, steel plate, recoil pad, etc.