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Updated 6/18/2015


We only one rifles in stock now, and since we are fully booked with customer orders at this time we have no plans to build rifles for stock.  Call us or email us for a rifle quote if you are interested. Delivery time on rifles listed here is typically 1 -2 weeks. Delivery on a custom-built rifle with unfinished stocks is about 5 months. Prices include federal excise tax. Shipping is $50 for most US locations.

In some cases, you may click on the serial number for more information about the rifle.  If there is no picture, it means we have not yet put wood on the rifle or we simply have not photographed it and uploaded a picture.  If you are interested, please call or email us.  If the description says "stocks as requested", it means the wood is not yet fit and you can specify the  stock style and grade which suits you. Additional barrels can be added to any of these rifles.

Serial #









1667 $4500 Schuetzen .22LR 28 3 Shilen
hand lapped, air gaged
Full coverage Model 54 engraving, exhibition grade benchrest buttstock and checkered semi-beavertail forearm. Rust blued full octagon barrel. A beautiful rifle at a discounted price.

We have been quite busy lately and do not anticipate having any new rifles for stock during the next few months.  If you have been looking for something on this page you should consider calling us for a quote.  Prices for a rifle built to your specifications are typically the same as the rifles listed here, but we will start work on firm orders right away and typically ship within 5-6 months.